Peru Matthew 25 Feeding Kitchen


We've moved in to Peru! This is something we have been wanting to do for a very long time. We haven't had the resources, nor do we have them now, but that never stopped us before. I've learned you have to step out and watch God move! Very excited about what we have happening as we move forward with this mission, reaching the most destitute lives with hope and restoration. Within the next month, I'll be able to share more about our work with orphans living high up in the Andes at 14,000 ft and also the work we are doing in the jungle region of Peru as well. However, right now I want to share with you about a few projects that we are working on immediately to bring relief to the children in these communities.

(ANDEAN MOUNTAIN REGION) Community Kitchen: Project goal $4,000

High up in the Andes at an altitude of 14,000 ft is another small community in Peru that we have now begun working in. The community has 35 children. Bless An Orphan has taken on the sponsorship of these children through our Matthew 25 Feeding Program to help with their educational, medical, and nutritional needs. There is a small school that the children attend that needs our help as well. Our project goal is to construct a community kitchen at the school that will enable the children to be fed a nutritional hot meal every day. For $4,000 we can build and equip the kitchen. We have a team of volunteers that will be traveling to Peru to complete the project. 


Peru Matthew 25 Feeding Kitchen
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